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Re: ad on Kijiji "POTENTIAL LANDLORDS BEWARE!!!!!!!"

#36 Unread post by silky28 » September 18th, 2015, 12:12 pm

NeutralObserver wrote:
Kazimieras wrote:image there is you and other person who is identical to you in every way, but it not on ODSP but has a job that pays an equal amount. I would chose that person, rather than the person with ODSP.
Meaning you have just broken the law, committed a crime, and the rejected tenant should file a Human Rights claim against you (and they will win).
hahahaha. Ya, because we break the law we will be prosecuted and the government will it is just that easy. Most of us commit crimes on a daily basis yet most of us have never been arrested, charged or convicted of anything. Instead of telling us what the law says how about you give us some statistics on the number of landlords prosecuted for discrimination against people on welfare. That is a better measure of reality than what the law actually states... after all, I drive a steady 120km/h on the 401 and the limit is 100 but I've never received a ticket!

The human rights legislation has existed for about 5 years now (I think). Has it gotten easier or harder for people on assistance to find housing? I think you know the answer to that and you should start to think about the usefulness of government in free-enterprise.


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Re: ad on Kijiji "POTENTIAL LANDLORDS BEWARE!!!!!!!"

#37 Unread post by Gliderrider » May 8th, 2016, 12:06 am

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