In what other business are you "guaranteed" more profits?

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Re: In what other business are you "guaranteed" more profits?

#65 Unread post by ahoii » October 21st, 2020, 2:36 pm

Being a landlord in Ontario? Nothing is guaranteed but a nightmare when you have a 'professional' tenant! We, landlords, cannot collect security deposit, heavy responsibilities...I think all these unfairness came out of immature socialism. I would say anyone hungry can claim my sandwich to share for free in their mind. Or the hungry guy can take all I have to eat, believing it's justice. I buy another one and taken by another hungry guy; nobody can help me out because I still have money to buy. The system justify this phenomenon until I go bankrupt and join the line of hungry men. I am not angry anymore just lost motivation to work hard and prepare the after-retirement life. I will get money from the government; the young generation must work hard to sustain the government which pays not working people in a lucrative way. My next door, in their 30's, on government support had a good life (free bus fare, dental, some of meds, rent plus living expenses, smoking and drinking on porch...) Well, there is no justice for middle class people. The real super rich may have because they can afford a expensive lawyer fees. They can fight...Good luck to all Ontario Landlords!

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