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Ontario Landlords Association On the Front Page Of the Toronto Star - Good Landlords Fight Discrimination!

Posted: May 5th, 2019, 9:12 pm
by Canadalandlords

Ontario Landlords Association Members Know the Law And Follow The Law And Don't Discriminate.

“It’s amazing how many landlords are unaware that the code even exists,”

“We want to teach people discrimination is not allowed. I think most of our members, at least from what we hear, are not discriminatory. They are good landlords who join us because we provide a lot of educational materials. The bad landlords don’t join us.”

“We don’t want our members to get into trouble. If they break the code they could be in a lot of trouble and they might not even have known they will get into trouble,” he says.

“Our whole goal is to improve the rental industry, for good tenants and good landlords."

"Discrimination is not only illegal it’s unnecessary.” ... ronto.html