Question For Landlords - What Do You Think Of This Plan?

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Question For Landlords - What Do You Think Of This Plan?

#1 Unread post by Marxist » April 1st, 2023, 1:45 pm

The complaining and crying here from small landlords is unbearable. Non-stop "oh poor me".

So here is a solution to your woes. A way to find your 'great Tenants' and stay paying you for years so you make all that money.

Here it is:

You don't sign a 'lease' you sign a 'right to purchase the house' contract at a fixed price.

For example, the Tenants and you sign a price for your property at, let's say $300,000.

When the Tenants pay 'rent' that money is put in a neutral bank account and goes to paying to buy the house.

So the rent is $1500. That rent means the Tenants have paid $1500 of $300,000...

After 1 year the rent is now 18,000 to buy the house.

After 10 years it will be $180,000 to buy the house.

After 20 years the Tenants have paid enough rent money to own the house...MEANWHILE YOU HAVE 20 YEARS OF RENT PAID TO YOU!!!


Now what if the Tenants don't want to buy the house? Then the house must be sold and the Tenants get the money they paid to buy the house, but life has ups and downs, so they didn't so the Tenants can choose the real estate agent and list it.

Because the Tenants want to sell the house, of course they will keep it clean and allow showings!


It's takes a high level IQ and knowledge of economics to find real world solutions like I do.

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Re: Question For Landlords - What Do You Think Of This Plan?

#2 Unread post by EquitableLL » April 1st, 2023, 2:05 pm

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