How To Win At Your LTB Hearing (You need to "fib" a little)

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How To Win At Your LTB Hearing (You need to "fib" a little)

#1 Unread post by Big Z » February 12th, 2021, 11:52 am


Happy my last thread was so popular and so many thanked me all of the tremendous advice I gave you. Since some of you have LTB Hearings coming up I'm going to tell you what happens and how you can win (and might even have to tell a little "fib" to smooth things over.)

-When you get your online hearing it will be you, your renter, and the adjudicator on different screens.

-Most of the time the renter won't even show up because they know they owe you a ton of money.

-The adjudicators are well trained now and don't have the "oh poor renters" mentality of the Kathleen Wynne shi*-show of years past. The hearing is all about rent. If the renter is late the show goes on and no bs "oh it has mice" excuses will be heard.

-The adjudicator will look at the filing and see what you are owed and ask you "what are you seeking?"

-You say you seeking a "standard order" which give your renter 11 day to pay or you get the sheriff to kick them to the curb. (This is the most simple and quickest way to move forward).

*-The adjudicator will ask you if you offered your renter a "payment plan."*

Now we know offering a payment plan sounds good but in reality they will never catch up and it's just a trick to try to delay getting evicted. Whether you did or not, just keep it simple KISS RULE, BABY!


Just say "Yes"...........then shut your it baby.





My paralegal can get evictions this way in under one minute.

Thank me later and include me in your prayers to Baal.

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How To Win At Your LTB Hearing (You need to "fib" a little)

#2 Unread post by Josh » February 12th, 2021, 12:49 pm

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