Covid-19: Why I’m Not Paying Rent, This Is A Business Negotiation

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Covid-19: Why I’m Not Paying Rent, This Is A Business Negotiation

#1 Unread post by mybrightfuture » April 1st, 2020, 7:40 pm


Landlords Are Running A Business, So They Should Act Like Business People and Not So Entitled. You Are Not “Special”, You Are Running A Business

We hear so many media stories of why working class tenants who are suffering in this deadly pandemic “must” pay rent.

We hear paying rent instead of saving money for food and emergencies is “the right thing to do”.

And while we are laid off from work and worried about our future and being worried about being able to eat, we should “care about the landlords who need to pay their mortgage.”

It’s really makes me gag and want to throw up. The landlords are trying to make a case based on ‘morality’ when it’s really just a business case.

The are so entitled they view the paying of ‘rent’ like some kind of virtue and if you don’t do it you should be shamed and go to Hell.

Pay Your Rent. I’m Your LORD! (Yes I'm the typical small landlord who can’t get a job and didn’t finish high school but now I’m getting paid your rent monthly and need to buy weed and beer!)

Landlord – Tenant Matters Are A Business Negotiation

Landlords are running a business, yet they expect pay from their client (their Tenant) to instantly appear like the 11th Commandment is “You Must Pay Rent and Enrich Your Landlord.”

In any business that involves buyers and sellers both sides are always negotiating and trying to get an edge.

In all business relationships buyers and sellers are often at odds.

Rent Must Be Paid No Matter What! (Mortgage fraud is so easy...I’m not shopping at no frills ever again buying kraft dinner, Mamma wants Metro steaks!)

Not Paying Rent Is a Smart Business Choice

Landlords want to make this a moral/ethical debate when it’s not.

Tenants are making their own logical decisions which are best for us and even the Premier and Prime Minister agree with us!

Landlord Cries, Tears and Threats Are Pathetic

What other type of business people will cry about unfairness when a Buyer wants to make changes in the payment system with the Seller?

You Own A $500,000 to $1,000,000 Property And Need My $2000 To Survive…Are You Biggest Idiot Ever?

Why are you so crazy if your client needs to delay payment?

How would a real business handle this? They would use their cash reserves to cover current costs.

But these landlords can’t afford $2000 in a deferred payment because they are speculators!

No one told they they had to become a landlord.

Your Business Plan Is So Bad You Don’t Have Any Savings?

Really? So you need my money to keep your million dollar business stay afloat? Come on, you are either lying or a crappy business person.

You Put 5% Down And Have A Huge Loan/Mortgage. Maybe This Wasn’t a Good Idea.

My landlord is a speculator. You put a tiny % down and owe huge debt payments. Now you blame me for your crappy business idea? You took the risk, tool. No one said being a “landlord” would be an automatic pot of gold.

Government Supports Us

Even the landlord-friendly government sees this like I do. This is why they have stopped all evictions.

Landlords Are Running A Business and Need To Listen to Their Clients

We tenants are their clients. We are the ones paying them. If we refused, and legally so, that is our decision.

You should have prepared a better business plan that included a few months of not getting rent…just like other businesses prepare for not getting sales.

Small Landlords Are Not Real Business People

With all their cries of unfairness and anger it’s clear they are not educated enough or smart enough to run a hot dog stand.

They also can’t get real jobs based on some of the Youtube videos I’ve watched. I mean, if you make a Youtube video talking about landlord rights don’t be stoned…or is that just autism?

So How Do These Losers Become Landlords?

Rampant mortgage fraud (hey your income can be faked says the landlords mortgage broker pal, to get that next property or 4) is a tool for them to try to cheat the system. They fake income to get mortgages to buy properties and try to suck Tenants dry

Many couples also have a kid together but don't get married to get the same government handouts they accuse tenants of getting.

Sorry, I’m Not Falling For Your Cries of Help

1. Federal and provincial governments have made it clear Tenants should not make paying rent a priority and there are no evictions.

2. Real business people will be prepared for these types of policy changes, especially during a pandemic.

3. Real business people would appreciate their good tenants and not want to evict for non-payment.

4. Real business will see a blip of non-payment from clients facing serious challenges as a way to improve relations by helping these clients.

I’m Not Paying Rent And You Shouldn’t Pay Rent To These “Special” People Who View Tenants As Slaves

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Re: Why I’m Not Paying Rent, This Is A Business Negotiation

#2 Unread post by The Tenant Justice Project » April 2nd, 2020, 12:09 pm

I've always wondered how a landlord who doesn't even hold a job or doesn't want to can keep getting approved to buy more rental properties.

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Re: Why I’m Not Paying Rent, This Is A Business Negotiation

#3 Unread post by evicted » April 2nd, 2020, 4:51 pm

LL wanted my rent, I said no, we argued.


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Re: Why I’m Not Paying Rent, This Is A Business Negotiation

#4 Unread post by FighterLady » April 3rd, 2020, 7:46 pm

In what other service industry to you have to pay before you get the service? Rent should be paid at the end of the month and only if you are satisfied.

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