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About The Nova Scotia Landlords Association

“To promote and protect the private residential landlord !”

Welcome to the Nova Scotia Landlords Association!

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This website is provided by the Nova Scotia Landlords Association. It is an on-line community, a portal for landlords involved in renting property – novice and experienced alike. We provide free access to information, resources and suppliers of value to residential and commercial landlords, tenants, real estate agents, property managers and other property professionals.

Most of us – at some point in our lives – either rent or rent out property: as a student, a son or daughter’s student rent, maybe you rent a flat, an office or a shop. You could be renting out your own home whilst working away for a time, or maybe you’re becoming a property investor with a portfolio of properties and therefore a professional landlord?

What we Aim to Provide with our Website

A comprehensive online resource for landlords, tenants and property professionals, and for:

  • Those contemplating renting out for the first time.
  • Those renting holiday homes and student housing.
  • The small do-it-yourself private landlord with one or more residential or commercial properties.
  • The residential landlord wanting to try commercial
  • The business landlord with a portfolio of properties
  • The real estate agent involved in rentals and management
  • Residential and Commercial property tenants.
  • Landlords and Tenants of Long Leasehold (Commonhold) properties.
  • Other property professionals.

Our Mission

Our primary aim is to help new and experienced landlords alike to increase their income, their wealth and above all their peace of mind through successful property investment and management. A further consideration is the wealth of information we provide for Landlords, Tenants, Real Estate Agents and other property professionals. All Services advertised are with 3rd party companies.

Our Philosophy

Our “landlording” philosophy is one of honesty and integrity and we firmly believe, based on our own direct experience over many years, that a professional, customer oriented approach, based on study and hard work, can bring long-term wealth and prosperity to the landlord whilst providing a worthwhile service to tenants and the community.

The site is based on our own experience and the premise that successful “landlording” demands five things: (1) thorough market research, (2) careful and selective property investment, (3) a prudent approach to finance (4) knowledge of the rules (the law) and (5) sound property management practice using the best resources available. We aim to bring together an un-rivalled body of knowledge, expertise and contacts on a jargon-free, gizmo-free, fast efficient site.

We are Working with Professionals

We work closely with various property professionals including:

  • solicitors
  • accountants
  • surveyors
  • estate agents and letting agents
  • professional bodies
  • advice agencies
  • local authorities
  • government agencies
  • universities
  • landlord associations
  • property related research establishments
  • suppliers of goods and services for “landlording”

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