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Nova Scotia Tenant Says “Let’s Fix the Bedbug Problem!”

August 4th, 2012

What Happened?

A tenant in Dartmouth has been successful in dealing with bedbugs.  He took the bedbugs seriously and got rid of them.

What Does He Want?

The tenant Roy Philpott wants the local housing authority to get on with dealing with the problem in the rest of the building.

How Did Roy Philpoot Stop Bedbugs?

Even the management of the building he was in was totally impressed with Phipoot’s actions of filling holes where the pipes game to the apartment, spraying and putting powder along all the baseboards, and spraying and wrapping his mattress.

What’s the Situation Now?

The Metropolitan Regional Housing Authority loves what he did and said that instead of simply spraying bi-weekly they would would follow Philpoot’s methods.

Did Phipott Add Any More Advice?

Yes. Philpott came to Nova Scotia from Niagara Falls, Ontario last summer and has lots of advice.  He said there will be a new sense of a great community once they fix the bedbug problem.


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