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What’s Behind the Apartment Where Lucas was Killed?

July 7th, 2012


What’s the Story?

The landlord of an apartment in Halifax tried for months on end to receive help and get rid of the criminals in her building.

What’s the Significance of this Building?

This was the building where the person named “Corey Lucas” was shot.

Why Can’t the Government Help?

Recently, the Department of Justice evicted thw rotten tenants from the building, at last.

How Did they Do It?

They used the Act known as the “Safer Communities and Neighborhood Act.”

 Did It Achieve the Needed Results?

According to landlord Fatma Askri it was far too little and far too late.

What Happened?

A man named Lucas was shot to death May 25 in an apartment that William Lee Bolliver and his mother, Susan Ann Hawes, rented out.

That’s Horrible!

After two weeks, the building was raided by the  police and 3 people were arrested: Bolliver, Hawes and Harold William Marshall.

Anything Else?

Halifax Regional Police have said the search turned up crack cocaine, oxycodone, drug paraphernalia, even a  handgun, plus ammunition and money (cash).  These three were charged with several drug and weapons offences.

What Does the Landlord Have to Say About This?

Askri said she began trying to clean house herself back in February. At the time, she said she complained to the Residential Tenancies Board that there was drug dealing going on and that she believed her other tenants were in danger.

Askri said she was told that “even drug dealers need some place to live.”

What Else Did the Landlord Do to Try to Solve This?

Only three days before Lucas was murdered, the landlord Askri said she decided the only way to get rid of her troublesome tenants was to give everyone in the building notice to vacate due to renovations.  It didn’t work.

What is the Situation of the Building Now?

Askri said her building is empty and she was in the midst of moving the belongings of two tenants, now in jail, into storage. And she said she is still left holding the bag.

According to  the landlord: “I’m dealing with this the best way I can.”

Askri said she is required to move the goods into storage for a couple of months and then she can apply to dispose of them. All of that costs money, Askri said.

Now, this experienced landlord said she is also getting hassled by her bank.  The bank is concerned that her building is empty and she has no rental income coming in from those units.

“This is destroying my life and what I have worked for.”

Askri said the trouble in the building has also hurt her reputation because citizens believe she was endorsing the drug culture.

“I’ve never even had a parking ticket.”

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