Bill 184, Protecting Tenants and Strengthening Community Housing Act, 2020 - PASSED 2nd READING!

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Re: Truth comes out: Re: Bill 184, Protecting Tenants and Strengthening Community Housing Act, 2020 - PASSED 2nd READING

#21 Unread post by cassandra » June 3rd, 2020, 5:12 pm

Stevester wrote:
May 30th, 2020, 9:26 pm
Darren wrote:
May 28th, 2020, 9:33 pm
temporalstorm wrote:
May 28th, 2020, 4:59 pm
Is this really good for landlords? I think it's only good for landlords with larger properties. For people like me who have a small complex (5 or fewer residential units within a complex), it's much worse. For example, there's a lot of negative changes regarding compensation according to the proposed changes page:

"Compensation for tenant

Under new section 49.1, a landlord who gives a notice of termination of the tenancy to a tenant on behalf of a purchaser under section 49 is required to compensate the tenant in an amount equal to one month’s rent or to offer the tenant another rental unit acceptable to the tenant."

Section 49 gives a landlord the ability to move into the unit, and currently only applies to residential complexes with no more than 3 residential units, so this extra monetary obligation clause applies to small complex owners.

It goes on further:
"Currently, under section 52 and subsections 54 (1) and (2), a landlord is required to compensate a tenant if the landlord gives a notice of termination of the tenancy for the purposes of demolition or conversion to non-residential use or for the purpose of repairs or renovations, provided that the residential complex in which the rental unit is located contains at least five residential units. Subsections 52 (2) and 54 (3) and (4) are added to also impose an obligation to compensate the tenant if the residential complex contains fewer than five residential units."

So owners like me who have a complex less than 5 residential units are now also obligated to offer 3 months rent if I convert it to non-residential use or if I need the units to make repairs/renovations. That's bullshit. These changes basically just benefit large institutional landlords and not small local owners like myself.
Wynne was in the pockets of the tenant groups. (Votes! Screw everyone else.)

Ford is in the pockets of the oligarchy of billion dollar corporate landlords. (Donations! Screw everyone else.)

And being so, so, so, kissy, creamy close to the corporate landlord lobbyist makes things crystal clear on who is really running the Housing file in Ontario to both tenants and small landlords!! No wonder he's on TVO smiling like a cat who blew the canary and saying "everything is good."

"For the people" is BS. How about "For the oligopoly" of the few groups who run the big rental business (many who are foreign investors).

"Open for business" is BS. How about "Open only to foreign investors/shareholders who hire full time lobbyists and make the right $$$ donations"
Looks like only one group is getting treated fairly. The paymaster group funneling in foreign money.
Pretty obvious the last election was all about people not liking Kathleen Wynne. It's also obvious the Liberals will win a huge majority in 2022 because Ford didn't live up to his promises.

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Re: Bill 184, Protecting Tenants and Strengthening Community Housing Act, 2020 - PASSED 2nd READING!

#22 Unread post by dloft » June 3rd, 2020, 7:09 pm

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