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Nova Scotia Landlords & Tenants Working Together

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

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We Invite Nova Scotia Tenants To Join Us In An Important Conversation On How To Improve the Rental Industry

Experienced and successful Nova Scotia landlords know one of the keys to success is to find good paying tenants. A good tenant will pay the rent on time and treat both the rental property and the landlord with respect. While many people think all landlords are rich the reality is very different.

Nova Scotia And Bad Tenants

Nova Scotia landlords do not have it easy at all! We aren’t big corporations with economies of scale, expensive lawyers on retainer and millions on the bank. We have a lot of challenges trying to run our rental businesses. Not only do we have to face tenants who abuse the system we also have to worry about new changes such as how legal marijuana will impact our rental properties.

Good Tenants

We also know there are lots of good hard-working and honest renters out there. These are people who do treat their landlord and rental with respect on pay on time and respect the lease.  These are tenants who desire there to be more high quality affordable housing for rent and don’t want those bad tenants to get landlords to leave the business, leaving less rentals on the market.

Good Landlords & Good Tenants, Working Together!

Good Nova Scotia landlords are looking to rent to good tenants and good Saskatchewan tenants want to rent from good landlords. So how about this? Let’s all work together as positive forces of good and improve the Nova Scotia rental industry!

Instead Of Confrontation & Blaming We Want Cooperation And Communication

We are inviting good Nova Scotia tenants to join us in the following ways to help improve our situation:

Share Your Stories and Opinions With Us

Share your experiences renting in Nova Scotia and you can help other tenants, landlords and educate people and play a role in improving the Nova Scotia rental industry.

Become A Tenant Community Leader for the Nova Scotia Tenant Forum 

We are looking for 5 experienced Nova Scotia tenants to help run our Tenant forum and make it as helpful as possible for other Nova Scotia tenants to learn from.  As Tenant Community Leader who will be able to invite other verified tenants to join our forum to help educate the community. The goal is to create a sophisticated place for tenants to chat with each other.

Provide Us With Your Ideas for Policy Changes

Do you think some things need to change in Nova Scotia? We invite you to share your policy ideas with us.

Nova Scotia Landlords and Tenants in our Nova Scotia Rental Community

Let’s work together in 2018 for our mutual success. Let’s improve the rental industry and play a role in forming new policies. We invite tenants to join our community. If you are interested please email us at by January 15, 2018. Make sure you let us know about you and your renting experience and how you want to help (please note only those accepted with receive a reply)

Update on January 15, 2018 

Thank you for the overwhelming response of Tenants across Nova Scotia (and the region)! We now have filled the available positions for Nova Scotia (and regional) Tenant Community leaders. Keep watching for our next recruitment drive!.

Tenants Find It Hard To Get Insurance In Saint John’s North End

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

 April 6th, 2013


Tenants Are Finding It Hard to Get Insured In Area With High Crime and Fire Rates

According to a CBC report tenants in St. John’s north end are finding if very tough to be able to get tenant insurance.

Tenant Carla Bigney tried to get insurance when she moved into the area. She explained each time she applied she was turned down with the excuse that the area was a “high crime area.” This is just another problem faced by tenants in our region.

According to advocates in the community was Bigney faced is common for tenants in the area. They admit there are buildings in the area which have been boared up and one that’s been a target for those doing arson.

Bigney says she didn’t do anything wrong and crimes happen everywhere. Her rental apartment is right across both a church and a fire department. She wonders what the rationality is behind her being refused insurance. While we often read about tenants who do bad things, in this case a good tenant such as Carla simply wants to protect herself.

Ronald Godin is the Consumer Advocate for Insurance for our province. He explains insurance companies simply aren’t attracted to areas with high crime rates and older homes. Thus, they aren’t interested in placed like the north end. This means if insurance companies aren’t attracted, the area will also not attract investors.

Godin says that tenant insurance is different than auto insurance which has rules forcing the insurance companies to provide auto insurance all over Canada.

According to Godin,”Basically if a company does not want to take you on as a client, you have to try with another company and so on and so fort. It is possible that a person will not be able to obtain insurance in those circumstances.”

To discuss this and other Nova Scotia Landlord and Tenant issues go to the Nova Scotia Landlords Forum and network with thousands of other landlords and tenants across Canada.